Heart Powered Coaching

I have an important question for you.

Who is your best friend?

When you look in the mirror, do you smile and happily greet the face you see? Is it the face of your best friend, or the face of your biggest critic?

Are you feeling stuck, blocked, or frustrated?

Are your relationships as nurturing, romantic and vibrant as you desire?

Is your life everything you want it to be?

If things are not the way you want, chances are you could use some help.

The most important step you can take is to increase the love you have for yourself.

Nothing else can get close to what you’re looking for unless you believe at your core that you deserve and are worthy of having your desires!




“Ordinary” looks like this: You learned at an early age that there was something wrong with you. You were taught you needed to be more or less or better or something you were not to that significant adult.

So you bought the lie there was something wrong with you and you’ve spent most of your life either trying to fix or improve yourself, or be different.

And you’ve wasted years, because the fact is you were always perfect just as you are!

Your relationships lack deep intimacy because you aren’t secure enough to be authentic and vulnerable. Work is okay, to ho-hum or dull. You never seem to get what you really want.

On the other hand, when your life is “Extraordinary”, you love yourself unconditionally. You have deep intimate connections with others. You love your work. You feel free and fulfilled. Life flows and you are joyful!

Sound good?

Listen to what Kim Heaton had to say about working with me.

And Susan Isaac of shards Glass had this to say after we worked together. ‘Imagine seeing your life from a completely new loving perspective? Rosemary helped me realize my current and future business decisions were best considered after I actually start to do what I truly love.

Now I bravely listen to my heart’s desire and plan my business from a place of action and calmness. I am forever grateful to Rosemary for playing a pivotal role in making it possible for me to ‘live the life I am meant to live’. That is a business plan for unlimited abundance!’

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